Earthlight: Spacewalk — Emre Can Deniz

Earthlight: Spacewalk


Earthlight: SpaceWAlk



  • Vision Holder
  • Producer / Project Manager
  • Studio Lead


  • Australian Game Developers Award: Game of the Year 2017
  • Australasian Simulation Congress: Serious Game Industry Award 2017
  • IITSEC 2017: Serious Games People's Choice Award 2017


In Earthlight: Spacewalk you play as Ana, who will be performing the seventy-sixth space walk on the International Space Station. Built in collaboration with NASA, the game gives players an authentic experience of space, immersing them in the tasks performed on the ISS, hundreds of kilometers above earth. It is built in collaboration with astronauts and the people who support and train them, providing players and simulation experts an exciting look at the authentic depiction of human spaceflight in Virtual Reality using readily accessible consumer technology.