My Work — Emre Can Deniz

My Work

Commercial, Experimental and Passion Projects

Professional Production, Art and Design

I have worked on a range of projects with various clients, institutions and stakeholders. I have had the privilege of working across many disciplines on award winning projects, ranging from Virtual Reality titles to Serious Games. 

My interests and passions lie in the enabling of games and products to take form; from conception, planning, execution to even the securing of resources, personnel and traction.

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Earthlight : Lunar Mission

Primary Roles: Head of Studio, Vision Holder, Business Development.

Earthlight: Lunar Mission transports up to 6 players in location-based Virtual Reality to experience the future of human colonization in space. 

Earthlight: Spacewalk

Primary Roles: Producer, Head of Studio, Vision Holder, Business Development. 

Earthlight: Spacewalk takes players on an authentic spacewalk, built in collaboration with NASA. Received multiple awards in Games and Serious Games.

Opaque Space

Primary Roles: Head of Studio, Founder, Business Developer.

Opaque Space is a games and simulation company focused on space games and training. Received multiple awards for Games/Start-up.


Virtual Dementia Experience

Primary Roles: Senior Texture Artist, 2D Artist.

Virtual Dementia Experience is a clinical emphatic training tool for nurses caring for the elderly. Winner of multiple international awards for Serious Games.

Adaptive Intelligent Virtual Assessor

Primary Roles: Inventor, Business Developer

AIVA was invented to enable training, assessment and analysis of users in VR/MR/AR simulations through micro-behavior observation and universal API. 


'The Forest' Dementia Experience

Primary Roles: Senior Texture Artist, Concept Artist.

'The Forest' is a machine-vision enabled experience undergoing clinical implementation to be used to treat symptoms of people living with dementia. 


Stuff for Fun and [Un]released Projects

There are many projects, small games and experiments I've worked on. My love of creating interactive things extends to various fields, from game design to art tests, and I especially enjoy working together with people to realize an idea or concept.

For fun, to explore, to relax, I enjoy making prototypes and building games in my spare time. Whether that is alone or together with other professionals is just a matter of timing.


Genesis VR

Primary Roles: Designer, Project Manager, Vision Holder

Genesis VR was a short internal project where we built a vertical slice for a God Game in VR as part of 20%-time game development.


Undercity Discotech

Primary Roles: Co-Designer, General Artist

Undercity Discotech was an independent game I developed with Gerard Delaney (Mighty Games), which was the first game I worked on. It was about being a bouncer robot.


Primary Roles: Co-Designer, General Artist

Hullcrackers was an ambitious indie title Gerard Delaney and I worked on that was a passion project. It's about taking the role of being a space mechanic and breaking into ships to fix them.